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Ring Dex 2 Production Model

Ring Dex 2 Production Model

Automate your Vial Bottle Filling, Tipping and Capping operations with the versatile Ring Dex 2 production system. This machine features a quick change servo driven indexing ring that makes changeover between bottle sizes a snap.

Each work station mechanism is located beneath the surface and boasts a servo driven preloaded lead screw and ball slide mechanism motion that is fully programmable to accommodate different bottle sizes by just loading a different file on the HMI touch screen. New sizes may even be added in the field as your menu of products grows.


With our new controls the strokes, speeds and positions of each station may also be taught right on the machine using our advanced “Jog & Teach” function, eliminating the need to learn new software, programming codes, etc.


All 16 stations at the periphery of the dial may be configured with different functions and technologies.


Some of the available pumping technologies used are:

  • Peristaltic pump

  • Positive displacement

  • Progressive cavity

  • Programmable syringe

  • Piston pump

  • Custom designs

Unlike vibratory feeder bowls, a step feeder handles your bottles and caps with gentle quiet motions that minimize contact friction resulting in less scuffing to your products. Our unique design allows it to also function as both a bulk hopper and bottle feeder. Furthermore, bottles of different diameters and lengths may be processed without any changeover or adjustments required.

More options available to suit your unique requirements


  • Guarding / enclosures

  • Output conveyors

  • X-Y Packaging into crates

  • Labeling

  • Ink jet printing

  • Crimping


Servo Sync Labeler...

This micro sized labeler is servo driven and packed with performance in a truly compact package designed to fit into any machine configuration. Available in both horizontal and vertical models. Several applicator designs are available, including micro-adjustments for height and angle. 

Latest Control System Technology

Advanced Filling Performance

Advanced Filling Performance

Fill files control the peristaltic (or positive displacement) pump with simple graphical menu entry. Built-In digital pump control.

  • Fill Volume

  • Diving Nozzle (Servo) Programmable

  • Snuff-back Control

  • Additional Logic

Capping Torque & Pitch

Capping Torque & Pitch

Cap files control the station with simple, graphical menu entry of

pre-programmed servo parameters.

  • Bottle Height

  • Cap Thread Data

  • RPM & Number of Turns

  • Programmable Torque

Part Feeding & Rotary Dial

Part Feeding & Rotary Dial

Step Feeders, conveyors and vibratory feeding devices are some of the types of feeders used. These are controlled with variable speed drives, with either manual adjustment or PLC controlled.


The rotary dial is used to move parts from station to station, where various filling, capping etc. operations are performed.

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