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Bench Top Filling & Capping Models

Bench Top Filling & Capping Models

The RF Series is a versatile and fully programmable robotic dispensing system that will automate and streamline that tedious manual operation, with accurate and repeatable results.

The RF Series features pre-loaded lead screws and ball slides driven by digital brushless servo motors. Speeds and accelerations are controlled for the smoothest motions and to provide programmable adjustments of:

  • Bottles of varying heights

  • Diving nozzle position and stroke

  • Fill speed and snuff back

  • Capping position, pitch and torque

Tubes are accurately positioned on pallets and remain stationary during the entire operation, only the nozzle and cap gripper move on a precision overhead gantry system. The pallets are removable for quick changeover and the tooling is designed for quick release requiring no previous technical experience. Supplied with two pallets allows the operator to load & unload one pallet while the machine is processing the other pallet.


Great for processing families of small bottles and vials.

Latest Control System Technology

Better Fill Control

Better Fill Control

Fill files control the peristaltic (or positive displacement) pump with simple graphical menu entry. 

  • Fill Volume / Fill Speed

  • Position

  • Diving Nozzle (Servo) Programmable

  • Snuff-back Control

  • Additional Logic

Capping Torque & Pitch

Capping Torque & Pitch

Cap files control the station with simple, graphical menu entry of pre-programmed servo parameters.

  • Bottle Height

  • Cap Thread Data

  • RPM & Number of Turns

  • Programmable Torque

Check Fill Volumes

Check Fill Volumes

Scale files record each bottle’s pre and post weight with ultra-precision and are settable in: ounces, grams, etc. 

  • Set Ideal Weight

  • Set Acceptable Range

  • Provide Logic for Over Weight

  • Provide Logic for Under Weight 

On Board Pump Calibration
Dispense Works KwikPro5 Software Pump Calibration File

On Board Pump Calibration

Just enter the actual weight from a sample. Automatically adjusts all encoder values. A limitless number of  pump files may exist in the machine for different tubing sizes, nozzles, etc. Ideal for future expansion.

Project Gallery


System Uncaps, Fills and

Recaps 2ml Tubes



High Speed Dispensing and Closed

Articulated "Flip Top" Cap



Tooth Whitening Gel with Automated

Assembly of Brush, Over Cap and Label


Modular Mono Block Design Allows Work Stations to be Configured As Needed

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