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Custom Filling & Capping Models

Custom Filling & Capping Models

We are experts in filling and capping machines and supply top quality machines to the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and general manufacturing industries.

We can solve your filling, capping and assembly requirements by using our libraries of standard time proven components or by combining and applying our experience using different pumping technologies and automated feeding systems.

It's obvious in today's highly competitive world of production, the focus is on performance. Dispense Works is an organization of creative professionals who have demonstrated an outstanding and unique approach to solving today's and tomorrow's assembly and manufacturing needs.

By constantly challenging existing "methods" with a new generation of ideas, we provide better solutions which help you to meet your production goals.


Dispense Works has become a  major source of custom designed systems by producing machinery which is unique in concept, of advanced design, and manufactured to the highest quality standards, to give you an improved competitive stance in the marketplace.  Call us today to discuss your application!

Latest Control System Technology

Better Fill Control

Better Fill Control

Fill files control the peristaltic (or positive displacement) pump with simple graphical menu entry. 

  • Fill Volume / Fill Speed

  • Position

  • Diving Nozzle (Servo) Programmable

  • Snuff-back Control

  • Additional Logic

Capping Torque & Pitch

Capping Torque & Pitch

Cap files control the station with simple, graphical menu entry of pre-programmed servo parameters.

  • Bottle Height

  • Cap Thread Data

  • RPM & Number of Turns

  • Programmable Torque

Check Fill Volumes

Check Fill Volumes

Scale files record each bottle’s pre and post weight with ultra-precision and are settable in: ounces, grams, etc. 

  • Set Ideal Weight

  • Set Acceptable Range

  • Provide Logic for Over Weight

  • Provide Logic for Under Weight 

On Board Pump Calibration
Dispense Works KwikPro5 Software Pump Calibration File

On Board Pump Calibration

Just enter the actual weight from a sample. Automatically adjusts all encoder values. A limitless number of  pump files may exist in the machine for different tubing sizes, nozzles, etc. Ideal for future expansion.

Project Gallery


Ring Dex Available with Bar Code Reader 

To Scan Work Orders for Job Selection

Ring Dex Bench Top Cap and Fill Machine


Filling Pens with Conductive Ink

Dispensing Ball and Sealant



Bench Top Dispensing and Assembly Two

at a Time with Change Tooling



Tooth Whitening Gel Filling and

Five Piece Assembly System


Bench Top E-Cigarette Filling and

Capping Assembly System

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